Hello everyone!

It’s been a crazy year for everyone, but I am pleased to announce that we are back on track and that plans are in the works for the next iteration of AI5 (codename PROJECT REDSTART).

Check out the features page to get the full scoop on the new scope. Valuable insights were gained in the creation of the first version as well as the establishment of overall architectures and broker API’s as well as the development of some novel strategies, that is in terms of ALGO Trading as well as AI strategies and tactics playbooks.

For a quick TLDR of the features page (for all you lazy busy traders out there), the new AI5 fill feature:

    • Massive reduction in complexity by refactoring on a purely Javascript-centric stack
    • Performance increases
    • Subscription based AI enabled, no code ALGO strategy builder / back tester (!!!)
    • Buy / Sell alerts for pro users
    • Mobile First design (powerful AI running right on your mobile device)
    • Over a hundred technical indicators

Our target release date is 1 July, 2021.

Check back often for more updates!

Happy Trading!


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